"Пятерка будущего": Инновации, которые мы увидим в ближайшем будущем

Деймс Ласкарис, всемирно известный аналитик по инновационным проектам, назвал невероятным проект российской лаборатории по биотехнологическим исследованиям 3D Bioprinting Solutions по распечатке о органного конструкта щитовидной железы мыши, а также назвал 5 инновационных технологий, которые появятся в ближайшие годы или даже месяцы

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Russia's first bioprinter to be unveiled at Open innovations

The presentation of the first commercial bioprinter created in Russia, by the Biotechnology research laboratory team 3D Bioprinting Solutions, will take place as part of the Open Innovations 2014 forum

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3D Bioprinting Solutions releases first bioprinting results

On November 8, 2015, 3D Bioprinting Solutions had for the first time presented official data on printing a mouse thyroid. Presentation was made as part of the international conference on biofabrication held in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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4D: a new round in bioprinting development

The first International Bioprinting Congress took place in Singapore. Vladimir Mironov, Chief Scientific Officer Laboratory for Biotechnological Research «3D Bioprinting Solutions», was one of the key speakers with his “4D bioprinting: biofabrication of tissue-engineered constructions using intelligent selfcomposing biomaterials” report

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3D printed human transplant organs a reality within 15 years, say Russian researchers

Feb 10, 2016. Could transplantable, 3D printed human organs be a reality in the next 15 years? The a member of the Russian Skolkovo Foundation believes the answer is yes, and that one of the country’s own 3D bioprinting companies is on track to deliver.

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Shoot to heal, not to kill: Russia’s bioprinting leaders dream of a new national export

Mironov, whose company hit the headlines last year – and again this week – for its successful creation of a mouse thyroid construct using a 3D bioprinter, declined to give away any trade secrets of the new tissue gun to the audience of an international bioprinting conference held at the Skolkovo Foundation on Thursday, but offered a comprehensive overview of developments in what has been described as the third industrial revolution.

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Russia's Skolkovo 3D-Prints Thyroid for Mouse, HumanOrgans Could Be Next

A company in the Skolkovo Innovation Center made an artificial thyroid gland using a 3D printer, which was then successfully implanted into a live mouse, Skolkovo’s Vice President Kirill Kaem said