VIVAX BIO and 3D Bioprinting Solutions Got Promising Results From The World's First Space Biofabrication Expeiment

VIVAX BIO and 3D Bioprinting solutions obtained the data required to test formative production bioprinting technology in space experiment during ISS Expedition 57. The results demonstrate that the technology we have developed enables the fabrication of three-dimensional living tissue engineering and organ structures with the use of low concentrations of paramagnetic materials, significantly reducing the possible toxic effect of the latter on cell viability.

Bioprinting builds 3D model of a brain tumour

Patients who are newly diagnosed with high-grade gliomas (GBMs), one of the most aggressive brain tumours, only have a median survival time of around 15 months – reducing to just 5–7 months for recurrent tumours. Glioma stem cells are thought to be at the root of these poor outcomes, so researchers are focusing on therapies that could target these cells. An important first step is to develop realistic models that will enable scientists to study the biology of glioma stem cells and to investigate the resistance of GBMs to chemotherapy.