3D Bioprinting Solutions -- investments in the future

A successful startup begins fr om the idea. Want to know what ideas can develop into businesses, what difficulties may be encountered, how to overcome them, how to secure a position on the market and wh ere to find financial support? Answers to these questions can be found at the Startup Village-2015 conference, in which the Laboratory for Biotechnological Research of 3D Bioprinting Solutions is taking part this year. Exhibition stands, including that of the Laboratory, will be displayed outdoors at the site of the future city of Skolkovo from June 2-3.

Regenerative Medicine in Russia 2013

International scientific conference highlighting the development of regenerative medicine in Russia took place at the Skolkovo Center of Innovations on February 14, 2013. The conference featured panel discussions on the following subjects: “Specifics of investing in regenerative medicine projects,” “Prospects of development of regenerative medicine in Russia,” and “3D bioprinting: pro et contra” and the following reports: “Vision of the future of regenerative medicine” by G.N. Konstantinov, Phys-Math Sci Doctor, Professor, National Research Institute of the Higher School of Economics, General and Strategic Management Subdepartment head, Director of the Corporate Management Center; “Computerised fabrication of tissues in regenerative medicine” by Xuejun Wen, William H. Goodwin Professor, Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University; “3D bioprinting technology” by V.A. Mironov, Professor, Head of Research at the Laboratory for Biotechnological Research of 3D Bioprinting Solutions, tissue engineer, recognized pioneer and inventor of organ printing and biofabrication.

Независимая лаборатория ИНВИТРО
Инновационный центр "Сколково"
Государственная корпорация по космической деятельности «Роскосмос»
Московский государственный университет им. М.В. Ломоносова
Первый московский государственный медицинский университет им. И.М. Сеченова
Московский медико-стоматологический университет им. А.И. Евдокимова
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