Advanced Tissue Biofabrication (ATB) Manufacturing USA Institute Will Focus on 3D Bioprinting Among Other Biofabrication Technologies

There’s really no sector in the United States (or much of the world) that has been untouched by the development of advanced manufacturing technologies – and no one seems to be underestimating the importance of the further development of those technologies in order to keep the country competitive.

Bioprinters leading the 3D printer market

The North American medical and pharmaceutical industries are spurring innovation in the 3D printing market. 

An increasing demand of tissues and organs for applications in drug discovery, testing, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine, among others, is driving the growth of the global 3D bioprinter market, a new study from Ireland-based Research and Markets says.

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3D Bioprinting Solutions и ИНВИТРО приняли участие в проекте «Открытые двери в корпорациях»

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